Rebelitude brand was born out of a simple yet powerful idea: Let’s locally design and manufacture high-quality lifestyle apparel and accessory products and exclusively offer them online to you at extremely reasonable prices. Why? Because we strongly believe that high quality apparel and accessories should not cost what they do today.

The traditional offline fashion retail industry is controlled by large companies who counter inefficiencies in their supply chains and sales channels by selling products at very high multiples of what these products actually cost.

Maybe you already knew that, but you bought from them anyway because, until now, there was no alternative…

What Zovi intends to do: We want to educate people on the value chain of apparel and accessory brands they may be buying from, to make transparent where their money is being spent. Of course, we don’t want to just point out the issue, without giving a solution! We created ZOVI as a trustworthy brand which scores high on style and value while doing away with any unnecessary added costs pushed on to you, the consumer.